Our people’s stories: Yousef Farschtschi

Yousef Farschtschi hat im März dieses Jahres sein internationales Konzern-Traineeprogramm bei der Generali in Deutschland erfolgreich abgeschlossen und ist jetzt als Systementwickler im Bereich Leben bei der IT Service-Gesellschaft der Generali tätig. Auf unserer internationalen Unternehmens-Website www.generali.com berichtet er von seinen Erfahrungen im Traineeprogramm. Das wollen wir euch nicht vorenthalten. Viel Spaß beim Lesen.

„Understanding Generali’s challenging change processes will help me in my IT role”

Insurance and Generali may not have been a natural home for Yousef, with a PhD and background in aviation; find out how he is embracing his new challenge with us.


I’m a computer engineer. After my diploma I started working in a cluster of excellence research project in the aviation sector in Hamburg. I finished my PhD in early 2015.

Why Generali

I was looking for new challenges in other industries. The insurance business provides me with interesting challenges matching my IT skills. I was also interested in finding a highly regarded Graduate Programme at an international company.

Benefits of the graduate programme

It was one of the best business and life experiences. I started in Generali Life IT, my future department, then worked as an IT architect. The highlight was working with the Head of Architecture in Milan where I learned a lot. I could also take my family with me – my wife and baby girl. The last months I worked on the business side of Generali Life in Hamburg.

Future outlook

Rotating these specific departments over a year and a half provided me with a lot of work experiences and to take part in all the challenging change processes, as well as a network of contacts that would otherwise take years to establish.


Yousef Farschtschi
Yousef Farschtschi


Name: Yousef
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
Resides: Hamburg, Germany
Hobby: Besides spending time with my little girl I love to go out for a long run.
Favourite song: It is difficult to have one favourite. Currently I’m listening often to David Bowie’s Space Oddity.
Looking forward to: Visiting my grandmother with my wife and daughter
Years in Generali: 1.5 years


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