Generali goes International- Vom ausbildungsintegrierten Studium ins Strategic-Planning-Team

„This project is one of the greatest opportunities I have had so far in my professional career“

Unsere Kollegen im Head Office in Italien haben so spannende Interviews mit unseren entsendeten Mitarbeitern geführt, dass wir diese gleich für unseren Blog übernommen haben. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Julia Ott, 25, has kick started her career. She has already had the opportunity to work directly with members of top management within Generali as well as people from many different cultures.

What are your responsibilities within this project?
We are currently developing Generali’s next global strategy. This not only has an impact on the organization internationally, but is also redefining what kind of company we will be in the future. It is a lot of work, but worth it. Generali’s decision to involve directly and empower employees from different backgrounds and levels of seniority is unique. It gives people like myself an unparalleled opportunity to grow and accelerate their career.

How have your experiences benefited your personal and professional development?
I just started my career and already have established an extensive network within Generali. I always know who to call if I have a question or need guidance. Moreover, I have learned the importance of understanding different perspectives and working within a multicultural environment. Thirty years ago people were working differently – today you need to be able to adapt and focus on relationships. The world of insurance is changing much faster now than ever before.

You are also involved in a graduate program – how do you manage these different tasks?
The program I am participating in involves several components. It includes a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree, as well as occupational training with job rotation. I am right now in the process of completing my Master’s degree. At the same time I am working for Generali. I have gained experience in operational departments such as the contact center or a sales agency and obtained an understanding what our team on the frontline needs. On the other side I have also worked in strategic departments, such as the Head Office in Trieste and Milan and I now understand Generali’s future challenges and strategic decisions from the business side.

What can a graduate expect from the program?
It’s not always an easy process but it’s worth it. You need to be prepared, Job Rotational programs can be challenging and you have to adapt quickly to new situations, yet the experience is rewarding. I have earned a holistic view of the insurance value chain and explored areas of the business that I am really interested in.

What is your impression of the insurance industry so far?
It is more exciting than some people think! We are perceived as an old industry, and not associated with innovation as other industries are. However, we’re so much more than Excel sheets. We need to be forward thinking and offer smart and simple solutions for our customers. We need to be prepared for the future and this transformation is very exciting to be part of.

Hometown: Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany.
Resides: Munich, Germany.
Hobby: I like skiing and spending time in the mountains. I still work as a ski instructor when I have time on the weekends. Otherwise, I enjoy travelling and exploring places off the beaten track.
Best song ever: ”What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.
Looking forward to: Discovering the next fantastic place!
Years at Generali: 4.