Generali goes International- Bericht aus dem International Mobility Programm

Unsere Kollegen im Head Office in Italien haben so spannenden Interviews mit unseren entsendeten Mitarbeitern geführt, dass wir diese gleich für unseren Blog übernommen haben. Viele Spaß beim Lesen!

Karen Schulz-Kiske
Karen Schulz-Kiske

Karen Schulz-Kiske, Technical Excellence project manager in Group Insurance and Reinsurance, works for Generali’s core business providing products for the customers to secure their lives and their belongings. She enjoys being able to work with a diverse set of colleagues from different cultures and with different backgrounds.

Karen Schulz-Kiske, your are taking part in the international mobility program within Generali.
I have a German contract and have now been relocated to Trieste for almost two years under the mobility program. I love working in a multicultural environment. There are often as many as fifteen different nationalities in one project.

Can you tell us more about how Generali’s international mobility program works?
If you want to participate in the program, you can express your interest to your manager and the international mobility team will regularly look at your profile to match you with open positions. You may get a short term assignment of six months or a long term assignment between two to three years. During that time you are relocated to another country and are often assigned to a function different than your usual scope.

Why did you choose the insurance business in the first place?
I’m a lawyer and when I graduated I looked to work in the legal department of a company. I wanted to design contracts and negotiate terms in order to prevent conflicts. Initially, I did not chose the insurance industry – I chose a way of working. I got a job in a graduate program and they offered me a fixed contract half way through.

What excites you the most about coming to work every day?
Our business is about dealing with all aspects of human life, and that is always exciting and what motivates me

How would you describe Generali as an employer?
Generali is very advanced in providing opportunities for professional development. You are given opportunities to grow and the flexibility to work across departments and all around the world. I see it as a huge advantage.

Why is mobility so important for Generali?
When you bring people together from different backgrounds, you get a lot of different perspectives and better ways to get things done. Being able to work with a diverse set of people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures allows us to tackle challenges and find the best solutions together.

Could you give an example?
For example, some cultures are strong in controlling and planning, while other cultures are more innovative and fast-paced. If you can combine different elements from different cultures, you will be able to get the best out of each.

What area in your line of work do you appreciate the most?
I work for the core business which focuses on providing relevant insurance products for our customers to secure their lives and their belongings. Many things we do here are highly confidential, and it’s very exciting to be the first one to know and work on them. I also enjoy developing new and fast moving projects before we send them off for implementation.


Hometown: Hamburg, Germany.
Resides: Currently dividing my time between Hamburg and Trieste, Italy.
Hobby: I love hiking in the Alps, and my favorite place in the world is the dolomites in Italy – dolomites are special rocks that look pale in daylight but glow red in the sunset. Best song ever: “YMCA” by Village People.
Looking forward to: Going snow shoeing on my vacation.
Years at Generali: 12.  

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